Welcome! I am a Devon based felt artist. My inspiration comes from the land, the seasons, myth and fairytale, the beautiful local landscape of wild moor and sea and the natural world in all its forms. I like to use locally sourced fleece wherever possible, I love playing with varying textures and any merino wool I use is guaranteed to have come from sheep that are treated well. Do check the story of where your wool comes from.

Felt is the oldest textile in the world. There are several theories as to where it originated, I tend to think it was a natural discovery through finding that wool mats quite readily. It is insulating, strong, shapeable, water-repellant… Felt is created through friction,heat and moisture. Wool fibres have tiny barbs which cling tightly to each other, matting together to form a strong, durable fabric. It can be diaphanous or rigid, cut,stitched or embroidered. Fantastic.

Much of my work is created in a little handmade shack underneath tall trees. It is constructed mostly from recycled windows, corrugated iron and local timber. Birds and other creatures visit, the wind sneaks in through the cracks and friends come and chat by the woodburner. I work in there whenever I can, the moon rises over the hedge and looks down on the tumble of fibres and wooly goodness. Sometimes I work with fine mulberry silk and am drawn to the lightness and finery it suggests. Other times I like to work away at a sheepy kempy hard thing.  I enjoy discovering new ideas and techniques for hats and crowns, they are born of fairytales and friends, ragamuffins and queens. Some of them have strong characters which I hope translate through the photographs. I hope my work breathes a little extraordinary into the everyday.

Thank you for taking time to look at my work,it is a passion and a joy.If I can help in any way with felting questions do leave a comment.





5 thoughts on “About

  1. More pics please – very inspirational! Thank you for a great workshop at Embercombe in that lovely autumn sunshine. I got to finish off my pod at home – still can’t bear to cut it open to reveal its inner mysteries, though – and I treated myself to some felting needles after having such a great play with yours there. (Hmmm, perhaps ‘play’ isn’t the best word to use…) Would love to do more felt-making – any more workshop on the horizon?.


  2. I will be at Soundart Radio in Dartington,Totnes on Monday 16th July,it will be a feltmaking workshop from !0 -3 with an hour for lunch.We will have time to make a 3D object in the morning and a flat piece of work in the afternoon! It’s pretty reasonable-£15 per person,with a small charge for materials if things get big! x

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