Cub in the snow

This little horned wolf cub hat is a pint sized wild thing, beautiful Scandinavian wools with soft Blue faced Leicester wools for comfort. This will fit an average toddler sized head and offer animally ear protection from any weathers. It is looking to go off and explore  the world so look out for a giveaway over on my Facebook page in a day or so…



Full moon spiral.

Last month’s full moon was bright in an inky fast moving sky. I like to gather with some of my closest friends to celebrate, if I’m not sitting on my own soaking it in somewhere. I sat with friends in a circle of young birch trees and we sang to her as she peeped out here and there. Earlier that same day we were in the sea at Mattiscombe, it was warm and quiet. This hat was born the next day to honour this amazing time between light and dark, languid warm and nipping cold.

A hat,a friend and a ruined church.

I’ve been looking forward to this shoot for weeks. The weather was gorgeous, we had the place to ourselves and there was an air of mystery in the old church of St Peter the Poor Fisherman at Stoke in Devon. It is a part ruined church without a roof and ever since I first saw it I’ve wanted to make some work there. I made this hat in the winter, it was inspired by insects, aliens, mermaid’s purses and it feels comfortable yet magickal. I’ve always pictured it here, now I am satisfied. 🙂 Over on my Facebook page there is a little film which I can’t seem to upload onto here, do take a look.


IMG_3282 - Version 2










IMG_3308 - Version 2

Dandelion King



Golden May light is so beautiful. All living things are feeling the effect of the increased light and warmth, there is so much sensory delight in birdsong, the smell of green, the freshness of the new unadulterated growth. In a few weeks it will feel different, mature, eaten. But for now it is still a joy to have left winter behind. I made this hat in April when the dandelion flowers were in abundance. It’s taken a while to photograph, the plan to be in a dandelion meadow has given way to a barley field in just a couple of weeks!

IMG_1466IMG_1471IMG_1475 IMG_1481 IMG_1493 IMG_1496