Patterns of nature.

I have always been drawn to art forms and architecture using the fibonacci sequence as a guide. It is everywhere in the natural world, from petals to shells to bee populations. When humans discovered this they opened a door to wonder, connectivity and an ability to harness the maths of the universe. When sculpting a spiral on a hat I will work to those proportions as they feel organic, they are the most pleasing to the eye and geometrically interesting. The hats move and shift their shapes so it’s not an exact science but I know their starting place.

It’s not just measurements. I’m working on an Autumnal piece with lots of leaves and I’m driven to make things in bunches of threes, fives and eights. I’m not sure if it’s intuition or compulsion!




Wild gypsy September suntanned and gold flecked,

Loiters on the hedgerows with their berries all bedecked,

Lovely her garments of purple and flame,

She steals the summer blossoms, uses them in game,

The swallows heed the warning and hasten then to fly,

For treachery lurks in the deep dark depths of her eyes…


This is my mum’s poem, one of my favourites, my dear friend Louise read it at my mum’s funeral five Septembers ago. It calls to me today.

The hat is called ‘Berries and Cherries.’





‘Ways with wool’ Feltmaking workshop at Dartington, Totnes.

Come and sink your hands into the sensory world of feltmaking! I will be running a feltmaking workshop next Monday 16th July at Soundart Radio, The Gallery, Dartington, as part of their workshop week. It will run from 10 till 3, with an hour for lunch. I will bring a combination of local wools and merino and we will look at how to make a 3 dimensional object in the morning, felting soaps or making pouches. In the afternoon we will be making flat pieces of work, taking inspiration from the local landscape and enjoying colour! All materials are provided. It is affordable and will cost £15 a head plus a small charge for materials if things get big!

Feltmaking at the Holifield farm project.

Well,after 6 months I’d better write something eh! Since the winter I have been felting in earnest and not writing anything! I am piecing together a St Ives collection, refilling stock in shops, inspired by needlefelting octopii, still sorting through raw fleeces, and trying out little guerilla felting ideas in a few places. Rain is no problem for a determined feltbomber with a flask. Wind, however, is the brother of all enemies to a light wispy angel’s breath whisper of merino.. this leads me to one of the windiest days of this spring. This was the day at the beginning of June where the winds raged and ripped new light leaves from the dancing trees. This was the day when the rain tried to stop play. This was the day that even the most rigid marquee struggles … and I’m going to run a feltmaking workshop inside one.  The Holi-field farm project was kind enough to invite me to provide a workshop for their  Holi-day event; a 2 day camping event for  people with additional needs and their carers and families. A lovely event in a beautiful venue in Cornwall. Fields, flags, marquees and fun! Well done everyone who helps make these things happen. Well it rained and rained and howled and rained some more, but this only warmed the spirit inside even more. The main marquee was bustling with breakfasts and dogs and funny tales of tents and wetness. I was lucky to set up next to Vicky the knitting lady, armed with heaving suitcases of woolly delight and a half yarn-bombed bike. Between us we made a woolly world of colour and chaos. It was a great day of chatting, making, helping and meeting new friends. We made felt balls, bracelets, flowers and made a Holi-field banner for the farm. The wind was the wolf at the door but it was okay, nobody let him in.