White witchy blossom.


There is an abundance of heady rich scented apple blossom at this time, busy with pollinators. Muted pinks, whites and crisp greens are enlivening, bringing lightness to match these gorgeous spring days. This pointed hat is strong, light and wispy, made with a blend of corriedale, Devon and Finnish wools.  Green cheap wig. A big Thank you to Rufus who took the photos. I feel like something from the Wizard of Oz. 🙂

IMG_5051 (1)






Sunny gold.

A beautiful Spring day in Devon, surrounded by vibrant fields, gentle shadows and brave warm sun. Not to be caught out like last year, I’ve already made a sharp yellow crown in anticipation of the bright fields emerging. I love the adventure of taking a piece of work out into the world to take photos. At this time of year everywhere is freshly unwrapped, luscious and fertile. We explored tiny lanes and wide yawning fields to find the right spot. This is a wrap around merino crown which can also be worn as a scarf.













Hullabaloo,Port Eliot 2016



Bonkers busy workshops this year, there is a little crew of four of us and between us we create a good space to explore ideas, keep the fire in the kelly kettle going, the hot water topped up and help with the rubbing and rinsing. There are now familiar regulars who come every year hoping to build on an idea, there are brave people trying something big and tricky, mums rediscovering their creativity after years of being immersed in parenthood and children working away with their strong arms and patient hands.




We did some needle felting and broke every felting needle in the pot making little owl creatures. We made pictures, pouches, pods, bags with handles and plenty of flowers. There is definitely a subconscious colour choice that happens, some people’s work uncannily reflects the colours they are wearing.

I’m always amazed at how relaxing people find it, especially parents who may not always find time to play. I suppose I make felt so much I don’t always notice its capacity to de-stress.  For us it was inspiring, rewarding and wonderful to be a part of an enchanting environment held beautifully by Rogue Theatre.


Everyone needs a man-cave in a hedge for hot water…



I hope to create beauty in the world. We need it. Not because the world isn’t beautiful enough as it is but because as creatures we have such a potential to embrace and inspire, share stories and be moved. The summer is alive with so much incredible stuff, bewitching scents and blossom, ever-changing lives and cycles. I’ve been making flowers for woolly hanging baskets and cauldrons, there are lots of tiny felted wire stalks and petals all waiting patiently to become a small part of a magical garden. They also work as hair adornments. These photos were a real joy, a burst of colour in the gaps between the rain.







IMG_3724 - Version 2



Golden light,golden crown.









This was a beautiful May evening. I’ve edited the colour of these images simply because I stayed up far too late playing with them and discovering their magical qualities and I love the way they look altered. We planned to do a daytime shoot in a yellow rapeseed field the following morning only to find that all the bright fields had dwindled to a murky green/brown over the last week. Next year for that one then!