Hey the rain stopped!

Inspired by insect antennae,iconic goddess shapes,mermaid’s purses and Star Wars,this hood is the first of its type.Yet to have a proper photoshoot,it was such a gorgeous day yesterday it seemed a shame not to take it out for a seaside airing.It is gorgeously soft,Blue Faced Leicester and Merino wools.I’m still in a wintery white mood,just hungry for more time and fair weather to photograph my recent work. Apologies for being so quiet on here,I’ve been enjoying working at The Studio at the Craft Centre in Dartington,updating my collection of hats there,I also now have some work at The Alcove in Penzance. I’ve been struggling with the crazy rain flooding my shack,meaning I have to work in wellies and there’s not been time to document anything. Aah the lighter days are appoaching soon,we can all breathe out a bit…

Getting darker out there…



I love this time of year…Samhain,Hallowe’en,Dia de los Muertos,however you celebrate it is a time of reflection,celebration,honouring that which has gone before. For me it is a multi-layered experience,as a lot of people I have deeply loved are now on the other side of the veil.I like to take time to honour them and spend quiet moments feeling whatever may arise. I like the fact there are skulls in the shops. I also love the chance to dress up and I love the macabre.The world is shedding its summer tat to reveal its architectural beauty,its structural identity. This little crown came as the first naked branches showed themselves a few weeks ago.


King and Queen of October

Autumn is truly wonderful,the changing hues are rich and varied.There are still berries and nuts and leaves all around,waiting for their turn to dance and transform.October’s dance is one of my favourites,there is still a summer-like gentleness layered with a new awareness,a dwindling fruitfulness falling away to reveal decay.In a week or two the winds may steal what’s left so these days are to be savoured,celebrated.IMG_2633This open-top hat is a splendid extravagant affair…merino and blue faced leicester wools.IMG_2637


IMG_2647 IMG_2650 This pleated hat is really pleasing,it flattens and pops back up,I’m going to make more like this.Faeries would wear these…IMG_2651

more flowers

I’m nearly ready for the felt garden’s first outing next week.A few bluebells lurk under a tree,garlands are drying,letters are still needing to be finished and there are piles of nearly ripe produce about to emerge.I like to think it will grow over time and eventually become an immersive environment.The thing is-where will it all live?

IMG_1903 IMG_1909 IMG_1917 IMG_1921 IMG_1924 IMG_1934 IMG_1937

ways with wool in the garden

Flowers,flowers and more flowers.A felted garden is about to emerge from bundles of half finished work. The first letter of my sign is drying in the sun.Summer is fully ripe and there aren’t enough hours in the day.But the hours we do have are a gift and a blessing.IMG_1610

A lamp perches atop a tree…standard. 😉


Some leaves are constructed with copper wire,dyed muslin is stretched and sewn and nuno felted with green merino wool. More to follow soon…

.IMG_1628 IMG_1631

Dandelion King



Golden May light is so beautiful.All living things are feeling the effect of the increased light and warmth,there is so much sensory delight in birdsong,the smell of green,the freshness of the new unadulterated growth. In a few weeks it will feel different,mature,eaten. But for now it is still a joy to have left winter behind. I made this hat in April when the dandelion flowers were in abundance.It’s taken a while to photograph,the plan to be in a dandelion meadow has given way to a barley field in just a couple of weeks! IMG_1466IMG_1471IMG_1475 IMG_1481 IMG_1493 IMG_1496

The Ice King cometh.

IMG_0976 - Version 2

Brrrr, ’tis a tad cold,far too cold to make felt in my shack today;even with the burner on it is too cold out in my workspace. Bright golden light though,great for taking photos.Luckily the Crown Of The Ice King was all ready for the King himself as he came a-checking on Jack Frost’s work this morning.


Crown is a blend of white corriedale,hairy Devon long wool and a few icy merino colours.

A visit from Spingo the cat,they make a lovely sculptural shape together.IMG_1001 - Version 2

IMG_0980IMG_0969 - Version 3 IMG_0972

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