Full moon spiral.

Last month’s full moon was bright in an inky fast moving sky, I sat with friends in a circle of young birch trees and we sang to her as she peeped out here and there. Earlier that day we were in the sea at Mattiscombe, it was warm and quiet. This hat was born the next day to honour this amazing time between light and dark, languid warm and nipping cold.


Patterns of nature.

I have always been drawn to art forms and architecture using the fibonacci sequence as a guide. It is everywhere in the natural world, from petals to shells to bee populations. When humans discovered this they opened a door to wonder, connectivity and an ability to harness the maths of the universe. When sculpting a spiral on a hat I will work to those proportions as they feel organic, they are the most pleasing to the eye and geometrically interesting. The hats move and shift their shapes so it’s not an exact science but I know their starting place.

It’s not just measurements. I’m working on an Autumnal piece with lots of leaves and I’m driven to make things in bunches of threes, fives and eights. I’m not sure if it’s intuition or compulsion!



Wild gypsy September suntanned and gold flecked,

Loiters on the hedgerows with their berries all bedecked,

Lovely her garments of purple and flame,

She steals the summer blossoms, uses them in game,

The swallows heed the warning and hasten then to fly,

For treachery lurks in the deep dark depths of her eyes…


This is my mum’s poem, one of my favourites, my dear friend Louise read it at my mum’s funeral five Septembers ago. It calls to me today.

The hat is called ‘Berries and Cherries.’





Animally hat

This hat has been a venture into new territory, it was really tricky with its combination of horns and ears. The horns are long so I have wired them, and had to needle felt them into the hat. I felted the ears and needle felted them on too. They flopped a little…




so I have stitched them. Maybe there is an easier way to make this, I like integrating horns without having to persuade them for hours… a stubborn beastie but the photos were fun in the golden evening light on the hill.






Huge Deer Park banner


One huge finished piece of felt, a kilo of white wool and a lot of physical work.  Kevicc students helped to create this banner inspired by the Dartington Deer Park logo. It ended up growing in size and taking on a life of its own. We didn’t have enough time to complete the wet felting process in the studio so I took it home to finish off and dry. So lovely to work in a studio at the Hex at Dartington, I love this little part of the world, it has sprung so much creativity, even since the college left, I’ve been to gigs, helped with Soundart Radio events and watched DAPA performances here. This deer was born here and is now on the estate somewhere…




White witchy blossom.


There is an abundance of heady rich scented apple blossom at this time, busy with pollinators. Muted pinks,whites and crisp greens are enlivening,bringing lightness to match these gorgeous spring days. This pointed hat is strong,light and wispy,made with a blend of corriedale,Devon and Finnish wools.  Green cheap wig. A big Thank you to Rufus who took the photos. I feel like something from the Wizard of Oz. 🙂

IMG_5051 (1)